The Ant Ensemble

Socrates Sculpture Park, 2015
AdaFruit NeoPixels
XBee S2 Radios
Latex paint

Part of the 2015 Emerging Artists Fellowship program, The Ant Ensemble is a temporary installation expressing the contrast the built environment and the fluid behavior of nature.

The Ant Ensemble is meant to be a physically minimal demarcator within the Socrates Sculpture Park. Physically it reflects the 29 degree orientation of Manhattan’s street grid. The all-conquering line dots the landscape at a constant height and rigid order regardless of any irregularities in the terrain. To the park patron the imposing piece and it's repeating nature reminds them that there are lines of information everywhere.

It consists of vertical posts, organized in a linear pattern, with a regular spacing. Painted all matte-black, their shear number and highly regulated distribution will impress the feeling of the 29 degree demarcator during the day.

As a counterpoint to the static order generated by the physical members, a arched strip of plastic and light is planted inside the units to reveal a more playful expression. The luminosity and animated nature of the lights transforms the piece into a different order. This experiential transition sets up a dialogue between night and day, visible and invisible, and cardinal directions and grid directions.
process image of construction
interior electronics process