Jersey City Bike Racks

Jersey City, 2014
3/8" stainless steel

In 2013 the city of Jersey City pushing forward with its goal of becoming more bike friendly through several city wide initiatives, one of which was to provide more bicycle parking to various parts of the city.

This rack, designed for the city’s open bike rack competition, was ultimately selected as the winner. The city fabricated and installed several hundred of them in the downtown area in the Summer of 2015.

The simple form was made to be compact, cost effective, and materially efficient. Several copies of the design could be cut from a single sheet of 3/8” steel plate. These flat sheets could then be bent to form the teardrop shape and finished with a light softening of the edges.

Special thanks to the amazing people from for helping this to become a reality.
racks along Grove St.
original proposal quad layout
original proposal top view