Filament Mind

Jackson Hole, 2013
Fiberoptic cable

The installation was designed to illustrate the activity going on within the state's digital library catalogue. The system is set up to record anonymous searches and click-throughs that occur within WYLDCat [Wyoming Libraries' Databases] and transmit the data to a local computer within the Teton County public library. This information is then visualized via fiberoptic cables connecting from a light source to any one of the 1000 subcategories of the Dewey Decimal system corresponding to the search result.

I wrote a program that would interpret the data as it was fed into the system and control the lights accordingly. In addition to determining the brightness and color of the lights, I made a visual display to give the user a bit of clarity as to which Dewey Decimal categories the system is lighting up and also provide a few extra insightful charts about the dataset.

In collaboration with Brian Brush and Yong Ju Lee.